Im the ginger in your life you didn't know you needed. 

When I was 16 years old, I got a camera for my birthday. From that day on I knew photography was what I wanted to pursue and I haven't looked back. Whenever there was an event or gathering, you better believe I was there with my camera! I loved documenting my friends and family while they had fun knowing that we would all get to look back on these memories over and over again. Now, I'm so thankful that I am able to do the same thing for you and your loved ones. 

I embrace every couple who gives me the opportunity to capture their one of a kind love story. In fact, don't be surprised if I go in for a hug when we first meet (bring it in!) You're not just another couple to me, you're part of the fam. I've always got your back even if that means traveling across the globe to make your day as special as you are. I'm as energetic as I am dedicated and you can be sure I'm giving you my all. I'm so thankful to do what I do and can't wait get to know you better!

Your wedding day hype woman

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meet my why

These two are my kiddos. Being a mom has to be the most challenging, yet most rewarding title I've ever had. Out of all the hats I wear, being a mother is definitely my favorite! These two boys are my why. They're the reason I work so hard to give my clients the best experience possible. Here's a bit more info on these nuggets!

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maverick and arrow

- He loves pretending he's a superhero (all day long lol)
- Everyone who meets him for the first time thinks he's a girl (it's those dang curls!)
- He started walking when he was 9 months old (and running at 1o months)
- Ranch is his favorite condiment (he eat's it with everything)

- He can eat more than most toddlers (he's a tank)
- Arrows favorite movie is Secret Life of Pets 2 (he loves the panda song at the end!)
- He throws everything over the stairs (my phone being one of those things)
- Jumping is his favorite activity (that boy has stronger legs than me lol)

More about me

- I'm married and have been with my handsome husband for over 8 years!
-  I would eat sushi everyday if I could! 
- My favorite show has been and always will be The Office (where are my Michael Scott fans at?)
- Some people refer to me as the 'Ginga Ninja',
- I LOVE to sing, but I have horrible stage fright
- I get Starbucks before every shoot or wedding (it's my ritual now!) 
- I drive like I'm in The Fast and the Furious 
- I've been to Ireland (my favorite!), Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada!
- I own a lot of black and denim 


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